Sales of winch lines, shackles etc is being halted until further notice while my family deals with medical issues. I will continue to service new and existing repair customers.

5/16 x 12' Amsteel Blue Chokers

Amsteel Blue spliced into XLS Yacht Braid

Welcome to Kris' Splicing

I am a 1 man shop, all work is done by me, by hand. Specializing in smaller and local needs for cord splicing. Whether you are a tree worker looking for climbing or rigging line work, a pleasure boater looking for dock or sail lines right down to vehicle and atv winch andI. Located in Michigan's capital and proudly serving the Great Lakes region, and beyond. My focus is to provide one on one customer service and quality that is hard to get from larger companies. As a small business I do not keep much on hand in the way of materials but usually have enough to fill orders as they come in. If you are in a hurry, drop me a note to see if I have the materials in stock.

  I use Samson cord almost exclusively and all my splicing is done according to Samsons guidelines for each specific product. Right now I offer Class 2 (such as Amsteel Blue) 12 strand, Class 1 (nylon and polyester) double braid, Class 1, 3 strand splicing, 16 strand climbing line and Kernmantle splices.

I want the focus of my business to be on education and proper selection of the materials for your needs. This may mean you end up buying a product from another company and I'm good with that, so long as you enter the purchase knowing what you need. You will not get marketing gimmicks, inflated prices so I can have sales, or a flashy website from me. I prefer to invest my time and proceeds into education and giving back to the companies and organizations that help keep our trails open.


Please note that all orders will need to be paid even if I do not have materials on-hand. I have run into several instances where a custom product was asked for and after I secured the materials, the sale did not go through. As a very small business, that is expensive and now I have one off items that are harder to sell.

Here is an example of a Whoopie Sling in 5/16 Amsteel Blue.  

 Some examples of my work, includes 3 strand, 16 strand arborists line with tight eye or thimble, double braid, class 2 12 strand fixed eye and kernmantle splice.

Here is some 7/8 Amsteel Blue that I worked up for the Guinness Book of World Records Yo-Yo that took place in Escanaba, MI. 

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