Vehicle and ATV Winch Lines

All of my winch lines and extensions are constructed of Amsteel Blue. Spliced according to Samsons guidelines for class 2, 12 strand cord. They will carry a 5 year warranty against defects in the splice. If during that 5 year period the line fails at the splice and I can determine it is not from misuse or abuse, I will replace the line. If any part of the line fails after the 5 year period, send it back to me and I will make the longer section your winch line and the shorter section an extension. Shipping and thimbles on out of warranty repairs to be covered by you.

Attachment instructions at the bottom of this page.

Please contact me at about placing an order.

There is some information floating around the net about heat build up using a planetary winch and how it can melt or degrade Amsteel Blue, or any other SK75 fiber. While it is true that Amsteel Blue is weak when it comes to heat tolerance, the idea that a planetary winch, under normal use, generates enough heat to degrade Amsteel Blue is not true. Amsteel Blue has a melting point of 297f. It starts strength degradation at 150f with an 8% loss. Heat build up using a planetary winch comes from powering out against the brake. Powering in will not generate enough heat to degrade Amsteel Blue, assuming your winch is in proper operating condition. Heat degradation is also not permanent, the line returns to full strength once it comes back to ambient temps. Also, Amsteel Blue is not an efficient conductor of heat, any heat from the drum will not conduct past the first 1/3 of the first wrap in any amount to effect the rest of the line on your drum. Heat guards are also not effective at stalling the transfer of heat, they merely keep the line from melting to the drum. If you regularly power out, than Amsteel Blue is not the synthetic line you want to use on your winch. You need to be looking for a Technora line, or have a length of Technora line spliced into the drum end of your Amsteel Blue line. There are some Liquid Crystal Polymer lines on the market, but these suffer heavily from UV degradation.

 Vehicle Winch Lines and extensions using Genuine Amsteel Blue. 5/16 carries a rating of 12,300 pounds and 3/8 carries a rating of 17,600 pounds. Vehicle Winch lines will come with a powder coated black tube thimble. Extensions will have 2 powder coated tube thimbles. I can also add a hook to one or both ends of your extension. If you would like soft eyes in your extension, just let me know and I will add abrasion guard in the eye. All my winch and extension lines come standard with 5' of orange abrasion guard. If you have, or want to have a safety thimble shipped to me, I can make your line using the safety thimble at no additional charge.

5/16 x 85' = $165                                3/8 x 85' = $226

5/16 x 100' = $185                                3/8 x 100' = $245

ATV Winch Lines and Extensions using Genuine Amsteel Blue. 3/16 rated at 4,900 pounds and 1/4 carries a rating of 7,700 pounds. Lines will come with a HD Stainless thimble in the eye.

Add a 3/8 sling hook to your winch line. These carry a WLL of 7100 pounds with a 4:1 safety margin. Breaking strength of 28,400 pounds. Captive eye hook will add $35 to the price. Include the connecting link to give you the ability to remove the hook and place it on another line should you need to, additional $15. I also have ATV sized hooks, these will add $15 to the price of an ATV line. Similar to whats pictured, just smaller.

 Im proud and excited to announce the Rope Shackle. These carry a WLL of 8,200 pounds which is on par with the majority of sling hooks currently being used for winch lines in 3/8 or 10mm. Load tested to 20,000 and 25,000 with failure occurring at 34,100 at the base of the knot. Excellent for extension connections or connecting your winch line to your strap, eliminating the hook and a possible projectile. Not suited for connections where a sharp edge or 90 degree bend will occur. Please contact me for pricing as these can be made in any length. I can make these from smaller and larger cord as well.

Attaching your new synthetic line

 With Synthetic lines I do not like the side drum attachment. If you are in a side pull you could pull your line across this point and damage your line. From me you will get a taped drum end and 5" in from the end will also be taped using red electrical tape. Lay the end across your drum with the second tape mark meeting the side of the drum, and tape both points in place. The tape is just to hold it in place so you can start spooling. Then start spooling your line on over what you laid across the drum. I Highly recommend this be done under tension. Best accomplished using a helper sitting in the drivers seat with steady pressure on the brake pedal. If you do not have a helper, set the E brake with a little tension. The 5" between the two taped marks represents the minimum number of wraps you should keep on the drum at all times. When you are pulling line off, no need to count wraps, just look for the red tape on the end. When you see this, stop, you are at the minimum number of wraps needed on the drum.

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